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I’m Enzo Russo, born in Sorrento during 1984. Photography has always been a friezed passion to me, since I was a kid. However, photography in itself has never been a trustworthy medium to express reality, that thing I’m aiming for through the mind of individuals, a land of strength and uncertainty.  
My works inspiration comes from masters of literature such as P.K. Dick and C. Pahlaniuk; and figurative arts such as Caravaggio’s masterpieces, Bosh or Munch. I love Tarkovskij’s movies and Diane Arbus’s photos, not to forget the master of concern, Joel Peter Witkin.
Photography manipulation and photo-collage has been choice and discovery at the same time, taking me with the power of opening my mind to new frontiers. Most of my works are the result of restless nights. My technique is a combination of photography and digital painting where all the elements are part of my personal shots and sketches. I do not have a studio. I set a corner in my room, mostly. That’s why this place is my personal clothes’ baazar, a living room, a bedroom, a personal photo studio, my here, the middle of caos.

Enzo Russo photographer & digital manipulation artist
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